Check in on Discussion Forum Progress

Hi everyone,

Just wanted you to know I’m still working on the discussion forum and the new site. I have all the existing content up on the test site and am now working on the forum functionality.


Jujubeen, My Assistant

If there are specific discussion topics you’d like to see, post them below and I will pick a few to use in the structure. Of course, new topics can be added later, but it’s always nice to have something relevant as a placeholder.

As you can see, I have someone to help me with the site, and she’s decided that the best way to do that is to sit on my laptop.



I hope you are all staying well and happy. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now and that can make it hard to manage allergies. Self-care is essential to survival, and even though you may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious, it only takes a minute to read a label. Make sure you eat well and support your body so it can carry you through when you need it.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a time out to still the mind and move the body, so take a walk, do some stretches, breathe deeply, and exhale all your worries. Focus on what you have, and what is good and right in your life for at least five minutes a day and I guarantee you will have more energy in your body and peace in your mind.

Is there something you’ve found that particularly helps you get through tough times? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

Lots of love,






3 Comments on “Check in on Discussion Forum Progress”

  1. Debby Davies says:

    Hi all, has anyone had a section to sterol or stevia glycoside? I recently bought a supplement and I checked with the company making it that it didn’t contain PEG. Within a few hours of having it I had a sore mouth, heart burn and then the next day diarrhoea. They have sent me a list of the inactive ingredients and this is the only one I think could be affecting me.

    This is my 3rd reaction like this in the last few months, one of which was to an over the counter anti-inflammatory tablet which my pharmacist had confirmed had no macrogol in it according to a reputable drug information site. When I had the reaction I contacted the company making it and they confirmed that it DID contain macrogol!! Apparently where I live macrogol is not a declarable excipient. It is listed on shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants , creams but NOT in over the counter supplements or medications.

    I’m finding it very stressful as with each exposure like this it takes several weeks for the heart burn and digestive upset to settle down, it seems there’s no easy way to avoid it even with checking with drug companies.



  2. Debby Davies says:

    Hi again, after much research I found several articles where they use polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol in the production of stevia substances so I suspect thats why I reacted to the supplement sweetened with stevia glycoside. So be careful if you’re using things sweetened with stevia, its not the stevia itself I reacted to.



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