Discussion Forum Check-in Part 2

Well, I have some disappointing news: I’m not going to be able to successfully set up a discussion forum on the site – at least not in the foreseeable future.
I put the structure in place, set up some boards and immediately got hit with multiple fake signups and repeated brute force attempts to access the back end of the site by fake users.

Although there are controls in place to deal with some of that, the hosting plan I use is not set up for the kind of traffic that showed up. I think it would have been no problem if it were just legit users, but combined with the potential hackers, I don’t have the bandwidth or resources to take that jump.

I will still be migrating the site to a more robust platform, but that will not change how you get to the site. I don’t expect any interruptions, but I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry I got your hopes up! Someone had suggested staring a facebook discussion group and if someone wants to do that, feel free.

Be well,



2 Comments on “Discussion Forum Check-in Part 2”

  1. Debby Davies says:

    Thanks for trying Amber, we appreciate all your efforts! How frustrating after all your efforts.


    • Thanks, Debby. i was pretty crestfallen because I was so excited about having a better way to share info. There are some big boards that do membership for other groups, like HealthUnlocked, that I’m pursuing, to see if they might work for us, but the disadvantage to being on someone else’s platform is that if they decide to fold, we lose any information not on that forum. Mybe that’s OK for now, and maybe that’s better than nothing – so I’m in touch with HealthUnlocked to see if I can create a discussion board for us there and link to it on allergictoglycols.com. I’ll let you know.


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