We Have a Discussion Group!

After trying to set up a discussion group for us on my website and finding myself beset with spam before I could even get it going, I heard back from Health Unlocked, a host for health-related communities I’d contacted early on. I had applied to run a community for us there, but discovered we didn’t quite fit their eligibility requirements since we are not part of a non-profit organization.

After talking with me about our purpose, they came back with a invitation to put our discussion group on their platform.

I’ve been setting up the community and would love to have you come on over and start the discussion! You’ll need to join HealthUnlocked – it’s free – and then follow the “Allergic to Glycols” community. The link to it is below.

After you follow Allergic to Glycols, read the “Start Here” post, then introduce yourself under “Share Your Story.”

I’m working on linking resources from the site to the discussion group and back, and that will take me a few days, but check out the community and let me know what you think!


Find the discussion group here: https://healthunlocked.com/allergic-to-glycols
There is also a link on the home page in the right sidebar.


One Comment on “We Have a Discussion Group!”

  1. Debby Davies says:

    Thanks Amber, it looks great!


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