A New Resource for Education

I stumbled upon this course and thought it might be useful for others wanting to know more about glycols. It’s by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, under their Environmental Health and Medicine Education department. It has info on how PG behaves in the body, what toxicity looks like (for people who are not allergic to it) and explains how it breaks down.

The self-study online course is for people dealing with environmental hazards and toxic substances. Although propylene glycol used in small amounts is considered safe (except to some of us who are sensitive) in large amounts, it is harmful to everyone.

The course is called Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol Toxicity, and it’s available in a pdf or online. There are even quizzes! When you visit the page, there’s a green box on the left side with links to various parts of the course. You can jump right to the Propylene glycol section if you like and skip the rest, or dive in for the full Monty.

Leave a message in the comments below if you tried it and learned something new, or if you just have something to say about this as a resource.




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