Allergies: How to Save Your Own Life

The thing that worries me most is being unable to explain what I’m allergic to in an emergency. It doesn’t fit easily on a bracelet or a tattoo or a wallet card. I used to carry a wallet card, but it ended up looking more like a big sheet of paper that fell apart after a few months in my wallet.

Then I found Road ID. It’s a system that holds all your information online and can be accessed by emergency personnel and first responders via phone or website. You wear a bracelet the has a code on the back that allows first responders access to any information you want them to have – insurance, allergies, next of kin, friends to call – even a photo of you if you want.

road ID-wristHere’s a photo of my silicon slim RoadID:

It’s inexpensive: $10 a year for the online service and $20 for the ID itself. You can get the silicon slim band in a variety of colors and swap the ID from band to band.

There are wider silicon bands as well as fabric ankle straps with velcro like this: road ID- ankle

I wear mine everywhere and it’s made a huge difference in my ability to ride my bike, take vacations and just get on with things without being terrified someone will kill me in the process of trying to save my life.

Have you tried RoadID? What do you use?

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