Resource With Trade Names and Synonyms!

I was looking online for the inactive ingredients in the topical anesthetic that my dentist used on my last visit. It turns out that the topical cream they use to numb the gums before they inject the novocaine was loaded with something that left me with a very painful ulcer on the inside of my mouth. The dentist said he’d call in a prescription for a compounded version, so I can bring that with me when I have dental work.

In the process of looking up the ingredients for the cream, though, I discovered a very useful site. It’s called and it has a database of alternate names for chemicals!

To use this database, type the name of the chemical in the “search” box at the top of the page. Then click on “synonyms” at the bottom of the listing of the chemical. (I circled these two areas on the below screen shot).

chemical look-up site When you click on “synonyms,” a very long list will pop-up.

Here’s a small sample from my search on polyethylene glycol: sample listing of chemical ingredients


3 Comments on “Resource With Trade Names and Synonyms!”

  1. Kerry Kuzak says:

    Another good site to check on chemicals and products is:


  2. Wow! This is a great resource. It is, however, mind boggling to look at it.


  3. I know, right? So when someone (usually a medical person) asks me what I’m allergic to because they don’t want to give me the product insert or show me the label, I whip out that list and tell them I can scan for these ingredients in a few seconds, or they’re welcome to take the list and go through it themselves. With a smile, of course. They always hand it over.


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